Let’s Collaborate!
You design. We develop.

The back-end bricks can’t exist without the front-end beauty, so that’s where you come in. You’re a designer crafting unbelievable website designs with vision and purpose. We are a small team of WordPress developers building efficient, reliable, smart websites. Together, we’re a golden collaboration.

Our Collaboration Process

  • Step 1


    We’re always on the lookout for talented designers to collaborate with on our custom websites. If that’s you, please pop your details into our contact form below and introduce yourself! From there, we can pick up the phone and have a brief chat to see if our business processes and ideal clients match up.

    Note: As of May 2019, we require designers to view our short webinar on how to design & prep files for WordPress. Check out more on our Education page.

  • Step 2


    After we’ve had a chance to chat and decide that collaborating is right for both of us, the fun begins! When you have a project in mind just email us with details of the client and project scope, or have your client fill out our Custom Themes contact form. From there, we’ll connect with the client and ask a few introductory questions to assess their development needs while we look at all of our schedules to see if the project is a good fit.

  • Step 3


    We’ll send the client a customized proposal with their full development scope, contract, invoice, overview of the payment plan and a link to clear the initial deposit. Typically, if this step is done right at the beginning of the design process (versus after the designs are completed) we’re able to accomodate the development to begin immediately after the web design proofs are completed.

  • Step 4


    When the final design files are polished and prepped, you’ll send them our way along with any functionality notes. We’ll then set an official development start date and timeline with the client and begin developing their custom theme via a demo site on our private server. The client’s second payment will also be due to us at this time, which we’ll arrange with them directly.

  • Step 5


    Once the client’s demo site is ready, it will be sent to you first for proof corrections and design detail finessing before we pass it over to the client for final approval. This stage gives you and the client a chance to click around the site as if it were live to test the functionality on different browsers, provide feedback, ask questions, and prep the site for installation.

  • Step 6


    After the demo site has been finalized, we’ll collect the final payment from the client and schedule an installation time and date that works well for all of us. During that time, we’ll put up a simple customized landing page on the client’s site, and when the install is complete, we’ll email the client a personalized video walk-through of their shiny new site with directions on how to use it and make changes.

What To Expect

  • “Lindsay is a DREAM partner on any web project. You can expect super fast replies, pixel perfect design implementation and above all she has a joyous attitude that’s makes getting work done FUN!”

    Promise of Go Live HQ

  • “Lindsay has been an absolute dream to work with! She totally understands my aesthetic needs and translates all my designs into beautifully functioning live sites! Not only is she super talented at what she does, she’s also super fun and easy to work with. I feel so fortunate to have her as my go-to web developer!”

    Bre of Rowan Made

  • “Lindsay was absolutely incredible to work with. From the very first email, she made me feel confident about bringing my design ideas to life on the web. She clearly communicated her process, was quick to respond with edits and suggestions, and beautifully coded a site to reflect my client’s bold new brand. I can’t wait to create more magic together!”

    Mattie of Green Tie Studio

  • “Lindsay is my favorite developer to work with because of her attention to detail and amazing communication skills. When you have an enormous passion for what you do, it shows and makes things that much more enjoyable to create and produce. Working with Lindsay hardly feels like work.”

    Katelyn of Katelyn Calautti

  • “I absolutely LOVE working with Lindsay! Not only is she the sweetest person ever, but she has the ability and skills to develop a site exactly the way it looks, right to the smallest of details… Every designer’s dream! I know when I send clients her way that their website is in great hands and she always delivers. She’s a true gem!”

    Jordan of Studio 9 Co

  • “I LOVE working with Lindsay. She is one of the quickest developers I’ve work with. Plus, she has an eye for design and sees all the little details that can sometimes be missed. She truly knows how to do her job and does it perfectly.”

  • “Working with Lindsay has been a breath of fresh air. It’s hard to find developers who deliver a final product that match up to the original design work – but Lindsay does. Her communication, attention to detail, professionalism and not to mention kindness exceeded my expectations. She works efficiently without letting any important details fall through the cracks!”

Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does custom web development cost?

    Every project is quoted specifically per project with the type of website, number of page templates, and overall functionality taken into consideration. Most of our projects fall in the $3,000-$5,000 range.

    Every detail of each project will be thoroughly discussed with the client in our initial consultation and laid out very clearly in our development proposal. We look for complete agreement and understanding on both ends so they are no surprises, hiccups or misunderstandings along the way.

    What is your development timeline?

    4-6 weeks is our typical jumping off point, but there are always exceptions to the rule with factors like:
    — A very large or complex website.
    — Lack of communication and/or feedback.
    — Change in project scope (such as adding more pages or making major design changes after coding is complete).
    — Failure to pay an invoice on time.

    What are your design limitations?

    We don’t like to put limitations on our designers. WordPress is a powerful platform so if you can dream it up, we can bring it to life (within reason of course!). While designing, if you’re ever unsure of the capabilities of WordPress, just shoot us an email and we’ll chat through the possibilities and options. We love pushing the envelope!

    Do I need to include a mobile stylesheet with my designs?

    That’s totally your call! We code a specific mobile stylesheet for every theme and are happy to accommodate your design for it if you have something specific in mind. Most designers do not include one, in which case we break the design down to mobile size based on what feels most natural.

    Do you work directly with the client or only with me?

    Through past experience, we’ve found that having direct communication with the client is best for everyone involved. It’s especially beneficial for long-term communication with the client when they need future maintenance and/or support after their site launches (i.e. it keeps you from being an unnecessary middleman).

    What platforms do you code for?

    We code exclusively for WordPress. For E-Commerce projects, we integrate WooCommerce or Shopify (via the Buy Button) into the WordPress platform.

    How do you accept design files?

    We accept layered AI or PSD files. We also request sending a jpg of each page design so we can easily/quickly review everything and double check that we’re coding the correct sizing for the site.

    Note: As of May 2019, we require designers to view our short webinar on how to design & prep files for WordPress. Check out more on our Education page.

    What is the revision process like for the demo site?

    We are perfectionists and understand that something being “10px too far to the left” is totally a big deal. We always send the completed demo site to you first for proof corrections and design detail finessing before we reveal it to the client.

Work With Us

Shoot, so sorry! We are currently not accepting new collaborations because our calendar is packed full. We expect to be reopening spots for new collaborations in late fall/early winter 2020. Please check back!