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With a custom WordPress site, your small business can go from “Meh,” to “Money!” as it attracts your ideal audience, blows up conversion rates, and skyrockets traffic. We take your simple seed or idea and breathe functionality, practicality and optimization through it so you can run forward with a truly inspired new site. Including full site installation, setup, and support, the investment is well worth it.

A custom theme might be the right fit if:

  • You desire a highly-customized site that’s tailored to your business.
  • You have a long wish list that a premade theme just can’t handle.
  • You’ve worked with or plan to work with a graphic designer.
  • You have a budget of $3-5K to spend on development.

What’s Included:

  • Installation of the WordPress Content Management System.
  • Installation of the Genesis Framework.
  • Development of a Custom Theme based on final proofs sent by your designer.
  • Installation and configuration of plugins relative to your theme.
  • Communication time to cover:
    • Consultation, proposal, and on-boarding.
    • File review and delivery.
    • Development notes and revisions.
    • Communication before, during, and after site installation.
  • WordPress training specific to new site via video.

The Process / How It Works

What They're Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

    How will you determine if my project is the right fit?

    With our introductory call, we’ll be able to establish what kind of goals you have, the functionality you need and the timeline you’re requiring, as well as gauge a personality fit and brand alignment with Made to Thrive. If for some reason we aren’t the right fit, we’re more than happy to refer you to a few other developers we love.

    How much will my website development cost?

    Every detail of your site, from the pages to the cost to the scope, will be thoroughly discussed in our initial phone consultation and laid out very clearly in our development proposal. We look for complete agreement and understanding on both ends so they are no surprises, hiccups or misunderstandings along the way.

    Every project is quoted specifically for you and your site needs with most projects falling in the $3,000-$5,000 range (This is only for the development of the theme. Designer fees are separate.)

    Do you guarantee your projected timelines?

    4-6 weeks is our typical jumping off point, but there are always exceptions to the rule with factors like:
    — A very large or complex website.
    — Lack of communication and/or feedback.
    — Change in project scope (such as adding more pages or making major design changes after coding is complete).
    — Failure to pay an invoice on time.

    What if I need to make future content changes to my site?

    Our themes are built to be completely user-friendly and intuitive without you needing any coding experience whatsoever. You’ll be given a detailed, personalized training video walking you through your new site and showing you exactly how to make content changes.

    Will my site be mobile-friendly?

    Yes! 100%! Our sites are built with coded, mobile stylesheets and tested for easy mobile use.

    What is a WordPress host and why do I need one?

    WordPress requires a third-party host to store your files, kind of like leasing space on the internet. Choosing the right host is crucial to the speed, security, and overall success of your website.

    How much does a WordPress host cost?
    Small sites are usually $10-$20/month. Large sites can be $20+.

    Can you recommend a good WordPress host?
    Yes! We highly recommend SiteGroundBigScoots, and WPEngine. All three of these hosts offer WordPress specific hosting, One-Click-WordPress installations, stellar customer support, and budget-friendly pricing. The majority of our clients only need the basic shared hosting plan with these providers, but if you’re confused on which plan/features to choose, let us know and we can advise!

    Why do I need both a designer and a developer?

    Web designers create the aesthetic of your website by communicating your vision with inspired creativity. From the layout to the color palette to the graphics, a web designer whips up the dream you’ve had living in your head and paints it into reality.

    Web developers (that’s us!) create the functionality of your website by writing in code and formatting each design element. We are masters of functionality, technical wizards and total problem solvers. We are fluent in multiple coding languages so that you don’t have to be.

    It’s the golden collaboration between the two that creates your dream website. A web designer and web developer each bring their own toolkit, expertise, talent and experience. The front-end beauty needs the back-end bricks.

    What is your project payment structure?

    We split the payment process into three equal parts:
    1) Once we’ve agreed on the project and decided to work together.
    2) Once the design files have been finalized and development is ready to begin.
    3) Once the site is ready for installation.

    Is content entry included?

    We input only enough content to thoroughly test the site. This might look like 2-3 sample posts on your blog and 2-3 portfolio items just to see if everything’s working ok.

    We are more than happy to add full content entry into the scope of our work for an additional fee. But there’s no need to feel daunted or intimidated! Our sites are so easy to update and we provide you with a personalized training video to make management incredibly easy.

    For my Custom Theme, what is the revision process like?

    Since the development follows the exact, approved design files, any site revisions are very minor and typically take no longer than a week. The tweaks are usually simple fixes like, for example, a pop-up not working in Firefox. If design changes create a greater scope of work, they will need to be quoted and coded accordingly.

    What about SEO?

    While we don’t claim to be SEO experts, we do our best to set your site up for success by installing a premium SEO plugin and providing video training on how to use it on your site. If you want to dig in deeper, we have SEO specialists we trust and have on hand if you’d like a referral!

    What kind of support and maintenance is included with site?

    Made to Thrive offers full support and maintenance for any theme we create! The best way to ensure your splashy new site is backed up, consistently refreshed, and malware-free is to enroll in our Monthly Maintenance Plan. For Custom Theme clients, we also offer site maintenance and revision services on an as-needed basis.

Let's Get Started

If you’re interested in getting the Custom Theme process started, please fill out the contact form below so we can meet you and dig into what you’re looking for. We’ll ask you a few introductory questions to assess your needs while we look at our schedules to see if we’re a fit!

    If you're confused by this question, see step #2 in our process above! We only do the coding/techy side of things.