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Crafted in collaboration with a few of our favorite designers, our adaptable, modern Ready-Made Themes come with a quicker timeline and smaller price tag than our Custom Theme option. Each Ready-Made Theme can be fine-tuned to fit your own branding, preferences, and color palette, and comes with full site installation, setup, and support to give you a completely hassle-free experience.

A ready-made theme might be the right fit if:

  • You’re a small business owner who has had “Put up new website!” on your to-do list for ages.
  • You’re short on cash to fund a Custom Theme, but still need something beautiful and functional.
  • You want a website that looks and feels like you so you’re proud to point people in your direction.
  • You aren’t someone with the tech know-how to build your own site and need an expert.

ready-made themes

Say hello to our current Ready-Made Theme line-up:
Frankie, Charley, Beckett and June!

The Process / How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

    How will you determine if my project is the right fit?

    During our consultation call, we’ll be able to establish what kind of goals you have, the functionality you need, and the timeline you’re requiring, as well as gauge a personality fit and brand alignment with Made to Thrive.

    What features will be included with my theme?

    Each Ready-Made Theme comes equipped with these features:

    • Text or image logo option
    • Adaptable color palette
    • 10 Custom, Reusable Page Templates:
      • Home
      • About
      • Services
      • Contact
      • Portfolio – Main
      • Portfolio – Single
      • Blog – Main
      • Blog – Single
      • Blog – Category/Archive
      • Default Full-Width Page
    • Social media links
    • Testimonials slider
    • Newsletter subscription box
    • Instagram feed integration
    • Post sharing buttons
    • Customized comment section
    How long will it take to get my new site launched?

    The exact timeline can vary based on the first stage below, but here’s a look at the 4 stages from booking to launch:

    • Homework (Due within 4 weeks): At booking we’ll give you a link to the homework for your specific Ready-Made Theme. Once your homework has been fully completed and submitted, you’ll gain access to our calendar to schedule out both your Build Day and Launch Day. The speed of this stage is entirely up to you and how fast you get your homework finished up. Note: If your homework is not completed by your due date, the site will be scheduled to be installed with the sample theme content.
    • Build Day (1 day): This is the day we take your submitted homework and build a customized demo site on our private server. Note: you must be available during this time in case any questions arise.
    • Feedback (Due prior to launch day): Once the demo site is finished, we’ll send it over to you to review and approve. You’ll have up until the day of your scheduled launch to send over any notes or questions.
    • Launch Day (1 day): This is the date your site is officially installed and goes live on your domain!
    How can my theme be customized to fit my brand?

    In addition to adding all of your own photos and content, each Ready-Made theme is pre-formatted with the option for:

    • Either a text logo (as shown on the demo sites) or an image logo. The text logo is a great, easy option if you’re a new business and don’t have your branding established yet.
    • A custom color palette. During the homework phase (step 2 in the process above!) you’ll have the ability to choose custom colors that you’d like applied to the theme.
    Will my site be SEO ready?

    While we don’t claim to be SEO experts, we do our best to set your site up for success by installing a premium SEO plugin and providing video training on how to use it on your site. If you want to dig in deeper, we have SEO specialists we trust and have on hand if you’d like a referral!

    What is your return policy for the Ready-Made themes?

    Due to the nature of the work, all Ready-Made Theme sales are non-refundable.

    How much will my Ready-Made theme cost?

    Ready-Made themes are available at the flat rate price of $1500.

    Every detail of your site, including the additional cost of extra content entry or functionality add-ons, will be thoroughly discussed in our initial phone consultation and then laid out very clearly in our proposal. We look for complete agreement and understanding on both ends so they are no surprises, hiccups or misunderstandings along the way.

    *Payment plan available upon request.

    Is content entry included?

    Yes! With the purchase of a Ready-Made Theme you will receive included content entry of:

    • Setup/entry of one of each page template included in theme
    • Up to to 8 portfolio/gallery items
    • Content transfer of up to 100 blog posts

    *Additional page setup, blog post transfer, additional portfolio setup can happily be accommodated at our hourly support rate, and should be discussed in the initial consultation call.

    Keep in mind that our themes are built to be completely user-friendly and intuitive without you needing any coding experience whatsoever. You’ll be given a detailed, personalized training video walking you through your theme and showing you exactly how to make content changes and add additional pages/items to your site.

    What if I want add-ons or design changes made to a theme?

    Design changes and theme functionality add-ons may be accommodated depending on the request for an additional charge, and should be discussed in the initial consultation call.

    Note: If heavy design changes are needed, your project may be a better fit for a Custom Theme.

    Are these Ready-Made themes E-commerce ready?

    Unfortunately, none of the current themes are setup for e-commerce. In the future we may launch themes that include styling and setup for WooCommerce, but it’s not something we offer on our Ready-Made Themes at this time. If e-commerce is something you need, your site may be a better fit for one of our Custom Themes.

    What is a WordPress host and why do I need one?

    WordPress requires a third-party host to store your files, kind of like leasing space on the internet. Choosing the right host is crucial to the speed, security, and overall success of your website.

    How much does a WordPress host cost?
    Small sites are usually $10-$20/month. Large sites can be $20+.

    Can you recommend a good WordPress host?
    Absolutely. SiteGround is our #1, but we’d also highly-recommend Bluehost and WPEngine. All three have incredible customer service, daily site backups and outstanding WP hosting knowledge and capabilities. Grab direct links to each of these options over on our Industry Index.

    What kind of ongoing support is available for my site?

    Made to Thrive offers full support and maintenance for any theme we create! The best way to ensure your splashy new site is backed up, consistently refreshed, and malware-free is to enroll in our Monthly Maintenance Plan.

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