WordPress Services

WordPress Services

Is your current website limiting your potential? Whether you’re a content creator or entrepreneur, having a website that stands out and authentically represents your brand is essential. Let’s discuss how a custom WordPress theme can elevate & monetize your online presence.

Are you lost wandering the backend of a messy site?
It’s time for a change.

Imagine this — You feel confident in your online presence with more time to focus on what you love. Your brand shines, and your website effortlessly draws in the clients and brand partners you’ve always envisioned. Through our refined and easy process, we’ll take the hurdles and tech nightmares out of launching the website you’ve always needed.

Our WordPress projects include:

  • Custom WordPress theme coded with Gutenberg blocks
  • Tailored for an optimal mobile user experience
  • Site optimization for high-speed & peak performance
  • Built with the latest SEO standards for enhanced visibility
  • Monetization through affiliate partners
  • Ad company collaboration for optimal ad performance
  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console integration
  • Domain, hosting, & email setup guidance
  • Expert content migration from other platforms
  • Extensive platform training via site-specific Loom videos
  • On-going support & access to exclusive Site Care plans

The Process

  • Step 1

    Fill out our contact form here so we can connect about your project and schedule a discovery call to see if we’re an aligned match.

  • Step 2

    Once we’ve connected, we’ll make things official with a customized proposal with the full project specs, contract, invoice, and overview of the payment plan.

  • Step 3

    You’ll work with your chosen designer to create the visual mockups for the new site.  Once we receive the files, we’ll begin coding on a private demo site.

  • Step 4

    When your demo site is ready, it will be sent to the designer for any corrections or detail finessing before we pass it to you for final approval.

  • Step 5

    When the demo site has been finalized, we’ll schedule the site installation date. After the install, you’ll receive a detailed training video specific to your site.

  • Step 6

    Post-launch, you’ll be enrolled in our Basic Care Plan, plus gain exclusive access to our advanced client care plans and as-needed hourly support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will my website development cost?

    Project quotes are customized based on factors like page scope, design complexity, and required functionality. For simpler projects, development costs may start around $7k, while most projects land around $10k or above (note, this cost is for development only).

    The details of your project will be clearly laid out in a development proposal, ensuring transparency and avoiding surprises. We also offer flexible payment plans to make the investment more manageable.

  • Why do I need a separate designer?

    In the same way you wouldn’t want your architect to also be your builder when constructing a custom home, the process for custom websites follows a similar logic. Your designer, acting as the “architect,” develops the branding and visual proofs to convey your vision through layout, color palette, and graphics.

    Once these proofs are ready, we (your developers) step in as your “builders,” translating them into a functional website by writing code and formatting each design element. We take care of all the technical aspects of bringing your new site to life and also offer ongoing post-launch support.

    Need to find a designer? No worries! We assist with that part too. With incredible design partners, we can help match you with the perfect fit based on your site style, needs, budget, and timeline.

  • Will my new site be optimized for page speed and Google Core Web Vitals?

    Yes, your new site will be optimized for page speed and Google Core Web Vitals. We prioritize optimization during the development process, ensuring that your site meets the recommended benchmarks. Upon launch, we conduct thorough testing and provide you with a detailed Google PageSpeed Insights (PSI) report. This report includes a review of your new site’s performance, including any further opportunities and recommendations for continued optimization.

  • Will my site be optimized for SEO, and do you offer SEO services?

    We set your site up for success by coding your custom theme with the latest SEO recommendations for structure and hierarchy. We’ll also link your site to Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and install an SEO plugin with video training on its use throughout your site.

    If you’re interested in diving deeper into SEO-related aspects like specific keywords or Google Search Console monitoring, we’re happy to recommend SEO experts to take it from there.

  • Do you guarantee project timelines?

    We strive to maintain a smooth workflow and are willing to collaborate towards a specific launch date. It’s essential however to note that our timeline can only begin upon receiving the finalized design files from your designer.

    Once we receive the files, it’s a 6-8 week turnaround for initial development, depending on the project’s complexity. The process from demo site review to launch is usually quick unless there are delays in client feedback, changes in project scope, or payment issues.

  • Can I easily make future content changes and is training provided for that?

    Absolutely! Our themes are built with Gutenberg blocks and provide a user-friendly and intuitive experience. You can easily make future content changes, and utilize the simple drag-and-drop format for quick page creation. No coding experience is ever necessary, and you’ll receive a detailed, personalized training video to guide you through the process of making content changes effortlessly.

    If future changes require new design assets or theme assistance, we always offer flexible hourly, half-day, and day rates, ensuring convenient support that can be booked anytime by our clients. View our support page here for full details.

  • Is WordPress hosting included in the costs?

    Unfortunately no, this is a small extra cost that you should factor into your project. WordPress requires a third-party host to store your files and choosing the right host is crucial for the speed, security, and overall success of your website.

    Our top recommendation is BigScoots, known for their top-notch hosting, excellent customer support, and competitive pricing. Rest assured, we always guide our clients through this process when it comes time, making sure they are set up with a proper host and the correct plan level.

  • I’m not currently on WordPress — Do you offer content migration?

    Absolutely! We have vast experience with migrations from platforms such as Squarespace and Blogger. Content migration is a key aspect that we’ll cover during the initial project scope discussion. You’ll receive expert guidance tailored to your specific situation, considering factors like the platform, amount of content, and type of content being transferred.

Real Results

  • “Working with Made To Thrive was a 10/10. My site is now lightening fast and the custom built features really help the blog stand out from the blog templates I have used in the past. Plus as a blog owner, it has given me a tremendous amount of “mental” security to know that my blog was properly built on the backend.”
  • “Working with Made to Thrive was the easiest, most seamless experience. My traffic since launch has increased by 115%, with organic search up by 208%. Users now go to the recipe page more than anything else because of how easy it is to navigate. I have recommended MTT to several food bloggers that are looking to update their site.”
  • “Working with Made to Thrive helped double our traffic and website revenue at World of Vegan within one year! I’m really blown away by the immediate impact and that the investment has already paid for itself. Plus, the team is an absolute joy to work with, can make anything possible, and I just adore our new-and-approved website!”
  • “I am so happy to have chosen Made to Thrive. Since I invested in the custom website my traffic has increased exponentially and I have seen a huge increase in ad revenue. The search capabilities and filters alone have allowed people to easily find the recipes they are looking for. The site was the best business investment I could have made!”

Confidently showcase your brand identity with our expertise.

We’ll set you up with a backend that’s a breeze to navigate, ensuring your website runs like a charm. You can maintain a strong online presence and keep your audience engaged, all without relying solely on social media.

  • ✔️ Take back your time with a super-organized site
  • ✔️ Optimized themes for optimal performance
  • ✔️ Tactical guidance for monetizing your site
  • ✔️ Simplicity leveraged with a drag & drop editor
  • ✔️ Top-tier coding with SEO & accessibility in mind
  • ✔️ Tech support that won’t make you pull your hair out
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