meet the team

Who We Are

Through solid industry expertise, one-on-one collaboration, and steady support, Made to Thrive takes the technically-tricky and oh-my-gosh overwhelm out of WordPress so your smart, confident, easy-to-manage dream site can come alive!

We are web developers who empower you through our incredibly easy process that swaps confusion for confidence and embarrassment for enthusiasm to take you from where you are to where you’ve always wanted to be.

  • What is a web designer?

    They create the aesthetic of your website by communicating your vision with inspired creativity. From the layout to the color palette to the graphics, a web designer whips up the dream you’ve had living in your head and paints it into reality.

  • What is a web developer?

    That’s us! We create the functionality of your website by writing in code and formatting each design element. We are masters of functionality, technical wizards, and total problem solvers. We are fluent in multiple coding languages so that you don’t have to be.

  • Why do I need both?

    It’s the golden collaboration between the two sides that creates your dream website. A web designer and web developer each bring their own toolkit, expertise, talent and experience. The front-end beauty needs the back-end bricks.

Lindsay Pruitt

Owner & Technical Director

As a Pacific Northwest native residing near Seattle, Lindsay handles client outreach, marketing, and daily business operations. Lindsay is a master WordPress developer who possesses the skills and knowledge to confidently lead her team while helping clients navigate the ever-changing world of WordPress.

Samantha McGuire

Lead Developer & Support Tech

While living in beautiful Alberta, Canada, Sam works as our expert WordPress developer thoughtfully guiding clients and designers from file delivery to site launch. Sam meticulously crafts custom themes with a fine-tooth comb and wins the quickest email response award for her incredible customer support.